[6 Lines Of Code] How To Connect Oracle Database In Python

How To Connect Oracle Database In Python

Oracle is generous to give everyone a full cloud database for free. I am frequently using this database because Oracle SQL is really a powerful tool for data analysis. Currently, I create many CSV files, from webscraping, financial data from APIs, etc.. So, a connection between Python and Oracle database is an absolute requirement for […]

Sql Developer Export to Excel With One Line of Code

Export SQL Query Results to Excel File

Sometimes you may need to get the results of the SQL query to a .csv file or an Excel file. Perhaps you want to open it in Excel and make some alterations or some calculations as Excel still offers more convenience compared to SQL, particularly for relatively smaller datasets, or may be you want to […]

How to Install Oracle Client on Linux Easily

install oracle instant client to a linux server

In this article, we will show you how to easily “install Oracle Client on Linux” and configure it, so that you can connect to your Oracle database. Whether you are using a local Linux machine or a cloud server with a Linux version installed on it, you may need to connect to a remote Oracle […]