Solving Docker CLI Installation Issues: A Guide to Handling Missing GPG Keys

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Introduction If you’ve ever attempted to install Docker CLI and found yourself wrestling with an error that suggests the system can’t verify the Docker package’s source because of a missing GPG key, know that you’re not the only one. This issue is quite common, and it happens when the system lacks the necessary GPG key […]

How to Access Localhost of a Remote Server


In this article, we will show how to access localhost of a remote server. Localhost corresponds to the hostname of the device that currently runs your application. It is the DNS name for the local loop back address, which is . So, instead of , you type localhost. We use the localhost to […]

How to Fix “sqlldr: not found” Problem

I was trying to set a cron job which would load a Pandas dataframe to Oracle table once in an hour. When I run the Python code, the code works without any issues, however when I set the cron job it threw the following error. The problem stems from the fact that when you are […]

How to install Sql Loader on Linux

You are able to load data from an external source into a table in the database using SQL*Loader. It is capable of reading and understanding a wide variety of delimited file types, including CSV, or any other type of delimited¬†files. In this post, I am going to show how to install SQL Loader on Linux. […]